Email Verification Required for IMVU Avatars at

Dear IMVU Users,

IMVU will now only allow avatars with verified emails to receive IMVU credits from resellers.


When you go to this page on your avatar(s), make sure it says

“It looks like you’ve already verified your email with us. Thanks!” like this:

IMVU Email Verified

If not, if you see this instead:

IMVU Email Not Verified,

you need to verify your email on your avatar(s); else all resellers will not be able to deliver you credits.


Remember to check your email inbox and spam folder for the email from IMVU in order to complete the verification.

You might also want to do so too for all your other avatar(s) so as to be able to receive reseller credits on them.


If you have delivery issues as a result of this, please complete the verification steps above and drop us a support ticket with your avatar name and invoice ID so that we can manually redeliver the credits for your transactions.

Please do not drop multiple tickets for the same issue as it will only slow down our support team for all users. Thank you.


Team FMX